Iii licentiate exam papers

Dear Sir, Ias there any paper for Surveyor and loss assessor exams? Any how thank you very much. Sukhjinder Many thanks for posting this, looked real hard for this information. Bless you :. Thank you very Much and here are few abreviations. In present time, life insurance has become an integral part of human life; therefore, large numbers of people opt for life insurance plans. I like your Life Insurance Blog.

Licentiate Questions Papers - Insurance Institute. Only subjective question are mentioned here. At the end of each question in the bracket ex May,12year in which that question appeared along with markts is also mentioned.

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All the best for the exams. Nov,12 Q What are the moral hazards in underwriting May, 6 Q. What are the physical hazards in fire Insurance May, 6 Q Explain Physical hazard and moral hazards giving examples under each Nov, 12 Q Describe the process of Risk Management May, 6 Q what is the role of an insurer in Risk Management May, 6 Q Describe the various steps involved in the risk management May,16 Q Differentiate between reserves for outstanding claims and reserves for unexpired risks May, 12 Q What are the coverages under?

May, 12 Q What is public liability insurance act ? May,12 Q State the coverage available under consequential loss fire Insurance. What extensions are available under this policy. What are the essentails of Insurable Interest?

iii licentiate exam papers

May,6 Q. Facts which need not be disclosed May,6 Q. What are the different areas regulated by Insurance Regulation May,6 Q. What are the essentials of a valid contract?

Explain in brief each one May09, 12, May,12 Q. What are the objectives of Reinsurance May,12 Q. Enumerate the importance of a policy document Nov,6 Q.

Whare are the different components of a standard policy document nov,6 Q. What are the essentials of insurance interest Nov,6 Q. What are the ways in which insurable interest will arise? Nov,6 Q.

Licentiate Exam Sample Papers : IC 01 Principle Of Insurance Sample Paper

What is fidelity Guarantee Insurance? Describe different divisions of fidelity guarantee Insurance. What is self-Insurance?Study notes. Regulation of Insurance Business Exam. Licentiate Diploma or Certifications offered by Insurance Institute of India are recognized by the following authorities. Registration Fees is Rs for Licentiate in Insurance.

Exam Fee is Rs for each paper. IRDA Exams. Principles of Insurance Exam Study notes. Free Demo. Buy Premium. Practice of Life Insurance Exam Study notes. Practice of General Insurance Exam. IC Life Insurance Underwriting Exam. Asset Management Exam. Health Insurance exam. Risk Management Exam. Life Insurance Finance. Motor Insurance Exam. Engineering Insurance Exam. Miscellaneous insurance Exam.

Reinsurance Management Exam. Marine Insurance Exam. Marketing and Public relations. General Insurance Underwriting. Management Accounting. Group Insurance. Agricultural Insurance.

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Fire Insurance Claims. Marine Cargo Insurance Underwriting. Actuarial Aspects. Applications of Life Insurance. Legal Aspects of Life Assurance. Marine Insurance Claims. General Insurance Accounts Preparation. Liability Insurance.

Licentiate Exam Online Mock Test for IC01,IC02,IC11,IC14 – Any 3 papers

IC 47A Casualty Actuarial Science Part 1.For new registration: Click-Here. Guide-Books Hard-Copy No. Contact Us. About Us. Insurance Examinations Conducted by Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai :- Insurance Institute of India was established in for the purpose of imparting insurance education to the persons engaged or interested in insurance. It is the only body in India authorised to conduct professional examinations for insurance sector comprising of life, general and health segments.

Insurance Institute of India conducts three levels of professional examinations -Licentiate, Associateship and Fellowship. These examinations are based on credit point wherein the student gets credit point for passing each subject and has to accumulate minimum credit points to acquire the respective qualification. For qualifying at each level, the student has to pass the required number of compulsory subjects and accumulate the balance credit points from the list of optional subjects available.

To download Examination Handbook Click-Here. Insurance Institute of India, Mumbai Exams. Read More Video Lectures Validity Period: 90 days from the date of Activation. IC Gen. Online Test Guidelines. For Activation of App a request may be sent to academy ushadeep. Privacy Policy. How to Purchase the Test? All the tests of any group or any individual test of that Group can be purchased.

Price of whole Group-Tests and individual tests have been mentioned separately. Tests will be activated automatically after successful completion of payment. Select your Test-Group carefully as per your requirement, once test is activated shall not be changed or cancelled. How to Attempt the Test? After successful Payment, an auto-generated mail with Login details i. After Login at www. Click to "Test" icon. A new page will open displaying all the tests purchased.

Click "Open Test" to attempt the test. After submission of open-test rest of the tests will again be visible.

iii licentiate exam papers

Mock-Tests :- How it works? Query resolution by email. Specially prepared questions, keeping in view the examination trend. Facility to view score and also the correct answers which helps in self evaluation. It provides real exam like experience and helps the candidates prepare better. Developed By :.Why this Mock Test. Before you attempt this Mock Test please read our Objective Question and Answer Guide which will help you to grasp the chapter quickly.

As you must be working you might not be getting sufficient time to study. You can go through our Objective Guide anytime during your travel, lunch time or leisure time. In the online examination, time is of the essence. You must answer the questions in a limited time, so you need to have practice. Once you complete your study of Multiple Choice Question and Answers you should undergo the Licentiate Online Mock Test to test your level of preparedness.

After you complete the chapter you will be able to view the answers. In case you score fewer marks in any particular chapter you should study the chapter again and re-attempt the Licentiate Mock Test until you score good marks. We have designed questions based on concepts in the book.

In the exam, you may not get exactly the same wording of the questions and the options may also be different. Please try to understand the questions rather than memorizing it. After undergoing the Mock Test you will gain more confidence to appear in the Exam and complete the paper in a time-bound manner. Price: Rs.

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You can try the sample mock test on our site. Details are as below. Login to Site: www. Enter the following as login details. Get concise and summarized information online. Valid for 1 month. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

I was very unsure of passing the exam as my preparation was not that good. But this mock test helped me to build confidence for appearing in exam.

Status: In stock. Add to Wishlist. Description Reviews 5 In the online examination, time is of the essence. Hari Singh. Passed the exam in one attempt. Rajan Kumar Rajasthan. Highly recommended for professionals. Anju Agarwal West Bengal. Add to cart Add to Wishlist. General Insurance Mock Test.Setalvad Memorial was established in the year in Mumbai. Institute qualifications are held in esteem both by the regulator and the insurance industry.

In its role as an Insurance education and training provider I.

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This is essentially an introductory course dealing with the two compulsory papers i. At this level, students may have option to choose subjects either Life or Non-Life or both combined. The scheme of study provides knowledge of chosen subject. However, candidates will have to get familiar with the practical aspects related to these subjects.

This is the highest level and involves advanced studies of specified areas. Skip to content. The credit points are assigned, keeping in view, the level of examination and the difficulty level of the subject. Candidates shall be allowed to appear only for a maximum 6 papers in one examination. However, certain subjects will be compulsory i. It is necessary to pass the Licentiate Examination before registration for the compulsory subjects of the Associateship.

Similarly, Candidates who have passed Associateship examination only will be allowed to register for the compulsory subjects at the Fellowship level. Following are the minimum credit points to be accumulated by a candidate for passing the Examinations. The subjects and combined credit points for passing Licentiate, Associateship and Fellowship examinations are as under.

Plus other subjects from the Table 1 on Page 2 to acquire credit points including credit points at the Associateship level to pass the Fellowship Qualification.For now you can either attempt or google the answers using the sample paper. Licentiate by Insurance Institute Of India is a certificate based degree that helps you get jobs, promotions and even incentives in the insurance sector.

If you are an employee in an Indian insurance company, this degree is a must as the benefits of this will last even after retirement. I have successfully cleared this paper on the first attempt, as you can see in the image. Look for that while you analyze this unsolved sample paper. Insurance is a method of transferring the risk of an individual to a group of individuals. The duty of disclosure of material information a Applies to insured b Applies to the agent c Applies to the insurer d All three.

Out of houses, each valued at Rs. What should be the annual contribution of each house owner to make good this loss?

iii licentiate exam papers

Which of the following statements is true? Insurance provides direct benefits to individuals 2. Insurance provides indirect benefits to the community.

Insurance prevents the losses from happening 2.

iii licentiate exam papers

Insurance spreads the losses amongst the insured. Which of the following are requisites of a valid insurance contract? Which of the following statements is correct according to law? The parities to a commercial contract have to observe good faith 2.

The parties to an insurance contract have to observe utmost good faith. Which of the following statements is correct? A void contract has no legal validity 2.

Which of the following makes the contract unenforceable in a Court of Law?The practice of Life Insurance IC 02 is a mandatory paper and it comprises of 20 marks. This paper comprises of Multiple Choice Questions. We are providing Chapter I — Life Insurance Organisation one-liners of this paper practice of Life Insurance IC — 02 which will be very important from exam point of view.

This one-liners is very easy to understand. I Quiz Bar Graph D. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Create an account. Sign up.

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Password recovery. Recover your password. Thursday, February 18, Get help. Ambitious Baba : India's No. Home IC Oneliners.

Exam Day Tips - Review of Exam of 8 October 2020 - Licenciate exam - Important Questions Last exam

Keeping watch on conditions of Insurance contract by either party. Activities on compliance with laws and regulations, investment of funds, maintenance of Accounts, management of personnel etc.

Head office is responsible for Investment of Funds. Maintenance of Accounts.

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